Small Penis Humiliation

  1. Aww it’s so cute! Almost as big as a real penis. 
  2. So does that actually work or is it just ornamental?
  3. Oh. Well, I guess it’s a good thing I brought my own. Do you want to wear the strap-on tonight, or should I? 
  4. Were you kicked repeatedly in the crotch as a child?
  5. That explains a lot about you, actually.
  6. What do you mean you’re already hard?!
  7. I’ve seen bigger weenies on the end of a toothpick.
  8. Was there a tragic accident at your circumcision?
  9. But you have such big hands…
  10. If it’s that small why aren’t you driving a nicer car?
  11.  Exactly what am I supposed to be looking for?
  12. So it wasn’t your finger inside of me earlier?
  13. No, of course not, your finger would have been much more satisfying.
  14. Just give up and learn to use your mouth already.
  15. Sorry, I just can’t stop laughing!
  16. Please, put that pathetic thing away.
  17. That’s disgusting–like watching a worm wriggling on a fishing hook.
  18. I hope that isn’t genetic. Your sons–if you manage to father any–will never forgive you.
  19. Have you tried any creams or pills?
  20. I’d suck you off, but it’s so small it might accidentally go up my nose.
  21. It’s so useless. Have you thought about just cutting it off?
  22. I’m really not in the mood to play Where’s Waldo right now.
  23. My clit is bigger than that. 
  24. Let’s do something else instead! Got any board games? 
  25. That probably takes all the fun out of masturbating, doesn’t it?
  26. I’ve got some rubber bands we can use to hold that condom on. 
  27. Wow, you must really hate yourself. 
  28. I was hoping to have some real fun tonight, but a bout of pity sex won’t take very long. 
  29. Are there any real men in the house? Could you send one in when you’re finished? 
  30. Well, that wasn’t very satisfying. 
  31. It’s small enough to fit in my mouth all at once! 
  32. No, I’m pretty sure baby carrots are fatter than that. 
  33. It’s practically all foreskin. 
  34. If I push this button does your real penis come out? 
  35. Do you even know what “deep throat” means? 

SPH is one of the most common fetishes I encounter as a Phone Sex Fem Domme. It’s a lot of fun, and surprisingly challenging–how many synonyms for “small” can you think of? 

xo Sophia